Aaron Sterritt Woodwork, Aviemore, crafts

Aaron Sterritt Woodwork

Lives and works in Aviemore, Scotland within the Cairngorms National Park. Aaron creates contemporary pieces that are inspired by the natural characteristics of the wood in which he works.

"I mill and split my own wind blown wood so my hand is in the process from tree to final piece. I take great satisfaction in turning these trees into useful, valuable timber to be crafted into furniture and sculpture. My work is created through persistent experimentation. I have built up a vocabulary of different techniques in which to shape, mark and colour the wood creating form and texture. Inspiration often comes directly through the working process. Ideas are stumbled upon when sawing the wood or splitting along the grain using handtools.

At the core of all my work is a relationship between man and the material I work with. I like to combine and highlight the differences between nature, human hand and machine."

Aaron welcomes commission based work of any size.

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Aaron Sterritt Woodwork, crafts Aaron Sterritt Woodwork, crafts Aaron Sterritt Woodwork, crafts


Aaron Sterritt
62 Corrour Road
PH22 1SS

Mobile : 07879 856630

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Dower House Tweed Collection, Newtonmore, crafts

Dower House Tweed Collection

How we got here.

Quite simply, I was taught to sew as a child. My mother was a seamstress. I could not go out and play without having done the chores which included sewing, and mending. So from an early age, with Mums tutoring, I made clothes, Christmas presents and all manner of things with buttons and fabrics.

Moving the clock on a few years, I came to live in Scotland and was introduced to Harris Tweed. I started making a few handbags for friends, then I was commissioned to make something else, and then something else, and so it went on. I now make 40+ products, from Harris Tweed. I personally go to the Isle of Harris and choose the colours and weaves that are used in the Dower House Tweed Collection.

What has emerged is my maternal love of all things Kiwi, so many of the products you see will have Kiwiana lining, which might be a Ponga forest; Pukekos, one of our native birds; Jandles or sheep or some other aspects of typical Kiwi life. For me, being a Kiwi, and married to a Scot it is the perfect match of 2 great countries, of heritage and culture, of using new kiwi prints with traditional tweeds and tartans - of where, some of my ancestors came from - warm, homely.

In 2011 we bought the Dower House and I set about to make curtains, cushions, lampshades and much more. There is a real warmth to the house and it fits so perfectly with the furniture from New Zealand timbers that came along for the journey - Harris Tweed compliments our house, our furniture, the rooms, the decor and the name began to stick!

We make practical, easy to use products that wear well and brighten your kitchen, dining room or add another dimension to your wardrobe. From the cafeteria cover that will give you a smile when you see the Buzzy Bees to the mobile pocket that is filled with sheep.

..you know you always said it is one place you would like to go, well now you have both countries in the one place..

Enjoy having a part of something special and different that is made by hand in Scotland.

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Dower House Tweed Collection, crafts Dower House Tweed Collection, crafts Dower House Tweed Collection, crafts


Lynda Dodd
Perth Rd
PH20 1BB

Phone : 01540 673794
Mobile : 07786612168

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Katie Jackson Designs, Newtonmore, crafts

Katie Jackson Designs

Katie works from home in the village of Newtonmore. She designs and makes bags and accessories from Harris tweed - aiming to combine contemporary style with the traditional quality of the cloth. She likes to mix colours and patterns in each item and hardly ever makes two items exactly the same.

When she is not fulfilling bag orders for shops and galleries in the Highlands, Katie loves to experiment with other textile crafts, such as felting. Recently she has also been exploring silk paper-making and creative weaving. Sometimes these other activities are inspiration for the bag-making - eg, incorporating a woven panel in a bag.

Katie also teaches textile crafts, mainly through adult workshops and has exhibited regularly with Creative Cairngorms and the SBSA (Iona Gallery, Kingussie).

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Katie Jackson Designs, crafts Katie Jackson Designs, crafts Katie Jackson Designs, crafts


Katie Jackson
Perth Road
PH20 1AP

Phone : 01540 673486

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Sarah Grant, Conon Bridge, crafts

Sarah Grant

I was born in the Highlands and for many years I have been teaching and enjoying passing on what I have learnt to adults and children.

I studied at Glasgow School of Art and then did teacher training at Moray House in Edinburgh. Most of my career has been teaching in Schools and a Special Needs School. I have also taught in Community Education, Adult Education and various Art groups and workshops. I have loved teaching and helping people be creative and gain confidence in their work. Every two years or so I would also put my own work into group exhibitions or solo exhibitions.

Painting for me is an interpretation of my surroundings. I love seeing the changes and infinite variety in colour and pattern and energy that is all around us through the seasons and new compositions in every scene. My aim is to paint impressions and feelings of what I see. I work in oils, acrylics, watercolour, pastels and mixed media I have recently taken up an interest in weaving and felt making, silk painting and fibre crafts which are quite often abstract in contrast to my paintings which are usually representational impressions.

I have joined Creative Cairngorms and enjoyed meeting and exhibiting with other artists and craft people through the year.

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Sarah Grant, crafts Sarah Grant, crafts Sarah Grant, crafts


Sarah Grant
Old Schoolhouse
Conon Bridge

Phone : 01349 861118

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Spirit of Cairngorms, Newtonmore, crafts

Spirit of Cairngorms

Spirit of Cairngorms includes the work of Artist David Fallows and Jewellery and Card Maker Lena Fallows, who live and work in Newtonmore.

David has painted since selling his first work at the age of just twelve years. More recently he painted the pictures used as the work of 'Molly MacDonald' (Susan Hampshire) in the long-running TV series 'Monarch of the Glen'. He was originally trained in Oils, but now paints mostly in watercolour, with oils and pastes still featuring from time to time. David also produces a range of greetings cards based on his paintings of the Scottish Landscape and has also recently begun to experiment in landscape created from fused glass.

Lena works with hand made cards using an increasingly complex mix of die cutting, stamping and surface textures and also produces hand made jewellery from a wide range of semi precious stones including pendants, ear-rings and bracelets.

Their work is available for sale on their website, through Creative Cairngorms and Society of Badenoch and Strathspey Artists' exhibitions and through one or two outlets in Newtonmore.

Due to severely restricted space their studio is not normally open to the public, though a phone call can often provide for a suitable arrangement to view to be made.

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Spirit of Cairngorms, crafts Spirit of Cairngorms, crafts Spirit of Cairngorms, crafts


David and Lena Fallows
Main Street
PH20 1DA

Phone : 01540 673966
Mobile : 07543 643413

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Rona Kant, Carrbridge, crafts

Rona Kant

Rona developed her passion for painting when she moved from Glasgow, to the Highlands of Scotland in 2000. Inspired by the majestic surroundings of the Cairngorms National Park where she lives, she started to paint in acrylics to capture the light and convey the intense colours which are evident in her work today.

Prior to her move to the Highlands, Rona graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art with a First Class Honours Degree in Interior Design, and then went on to gain a Master of Arts Degree in Furniture Design and Technology from Brunel University. It is this background in design which has helped Rona to achieve her distinctive style that she is known for today.

Rona took up painting as a part time career at the start of 2016 and has spent much of this year working on the many commissions she receives. She has also been exhibiting with ‘Creative Cairngorms’ throughout the Badenoch and Strathspey and Inverness area, as well as having some of her work on display in Aviemore and Carrbridge.

She currently has work hanging in the Royal Bank of Scotland in Aviemore and Rona’s work is held in private collections throughout the UK, Europe and Canada.

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Rona Kant, crafts Rona Kant, crafts Rona Kant, crafts


Rona Kant
Rowan Park
PH23 3BE

Mobile : 07811 187066

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Waiting for photo of Kenny Harris,

Kenny Harris


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Sue Broyd, Nethybridge, crafts

Sue Broyd

Sue lives in Nethy Bridge. She creates unique pieces of jewellery using buttons, felt, beads and other materials. She also creates sewn pictures depicting animals and birds – inspired by the natural world and the diversity of wildlife around the highlands and beyond.

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Sue Broyd, crafts Sue Broyd, crafts Sue Broyd, crafts


Sue Broyd
Red Kite House
20 Dirdhu Court
PH25 3EG

Phone : 01479 821582
Mobile : 07749714387

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