Travel Newsletter Republishing

How to get your consumer enewsletter/ email broadcast
republished and broaden your online reach.

How does the enews service work?

If you send out a consumer newsletter by email, just add the email address we provide you with into your email list.

We will then receive your newsletters and re-publish them on the hypertrails web site.

The service is free, and it extends the reach of your newsletter to a new audience. Consumers who see your newsletter for the first time may then go on and subscribe directly to it.

---What is the email address that I should add to my list?
We are not publishing the address online to try to minimise the spam that we receive. But if you contact us expressing an interest, we will email you back with the correct address.

I have already added the appropriate email address to our list but I can't see any newsletters online yet. Why is that?

The first thing to do is to look at our Live Senders list at:

If you are on that list, then don't worry - the newsletter is probably in the pipeline (its a semi-automated process). If it doesn't show up after few days, then its possible you are sending emails with different FROM addresses and we haven't picked that up yet. Contact us for an update.

If you are not on the Live Senders list, then either we don't know about you for some reason, or we haven't figured out how to decode your particular format. Contact us for an update.

Newsletter content is the responsibility of the travel company concerned and is re-published here, in good faith, with no guarantee whatsoever as regards the information contained.